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Andrew Konicov


VP, Client Auditing
Providence, RI

Ph: 401.578.8509


Andrew has led the audit division since joining Health Strategy in 2015.  Prior to joining Health Strategy, he built and managed the audit department of US Script, a mid-size PBM.  In this role, Andrew developed and oversaw a benefit configuration and claim pricing audit product while also being responsible for internal auditing, audit defense, and compliance auditing.

At Health Strategy, Andrew develops and oversees the audit methodology, often working with clients to customize the audit package to their unique needs.  The suite of audit offerings available under Andrew’s leadership at Health Strategy include: rebate auditing, PBM claim pricing, benefit configuration accuracy (formulary tiering, copay/coinsurance, utilization management edits such as: accurate implementation of prior authorization lists, quantity limits and step therapies).

He has a BS in Accounting from Bentley University and has been in PBM audit leadership positions for 15 years.  In his career, he has developed a reputation for building and executing audit products to meet diverse client objectives.  Aside from developing audit products, he also has a passion for interpersonal relationships, often finding joy coaching his team and/or communicating with clients.

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