Consulting Services

You’ll benefit from our proven, four-step process that provides the structure and sequence for our relationship and activities. Plus, you’ll receive customized reports that serve as the capstone of each step.


After Health Strategy analyzes your pharmacy benefit performance for the past year, we compare it to current market conditions and our view of market competitive contractual guarantees. Finally, we share how much more you could benefit from innovative cost-avoidance strategies such as contracting directly with retail pharmacies. Start your next contract renegotiation or open-market RFP with the intelligence you need to come out ahead.

Compare multiple scenarios.

In addition to eliminating contract vulnerabilities identified in the Assess step, our team can develop multiple scenarios for maximizing your pharmacy benefits investment. With an understanding of your company goals and level of satisfaction with your current PBM, our scenarios may range from a renegotiation all the way to a fully customized network and formulary strategy.


Savings Feasibility Assessment

Health Strategy clients receive a Savings Feasibility Assessment at the end of the Quantify step. Based on 12 months of claims data, your contract vulnerabilities, and an evaluation of multiple scenarios for your company, we provide customized savings projections.

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“Tyson Foods has partnered with Health Strategy for over seven years resulting in millions of dollars saved for our Pharmacy Plan and participants.

With Health Strategy’s expertise, we have developed a unique benefit design and custom formulary driving a best-in-class GDR and improved network, clinical and participant behavior performances. They have filled the knowledge gap for Tyson Foods, and continue to show value through ongoing audits and proactive strategies. Health Strategy’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the pharmacy supply chain makes them cutting edge in the pharmacy consulting marketplace.”

–Tina Foster, Sr. Director, Benefits, Tyson Foods