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You’ll benefit from our proven, four-step process that provides the structure and sequence for our relationship and activities. Plus, you’ll receive customized reports that serve as the capstone of each step.


With a better understanding of your vulnerabilities and potential savings, start your next contract negotiation with more confidence. We currently have billions in annual drug spend under management, so rest assured you have a team of experts guiding the way.

Leverage a trusted partner in the process.

Health Strategy typically works side-by-side with our clients to negotiate with pharmacy benefit managers, but we can also engage with them directly on your behalf. We’ll provide our best practice definitions, pricing terms, and conditions. We’ll also update the financial models as the offers improve and both parties resolve contractual nuances.

If a negotiation with your current PBM isn’t likely to achieve your goals, Health Strategy can help you successfully navigate the open-market RFP process. Our experience allows you to minimize the effort required and avoid the pitfalls of the typical process.

Raise your expectations of what’s possible.

Health Strategy clients average 10-15% annual savings versus current trends. A sizable number of our clients achieve above average savings of 16-25% annually with our more aggressive strategies.


New PBM Contract

With your new contract, you’ll be more confident and more prepared to manage your costs without sacrificing what your employees need. Less ambiguity and greater savings—all documented.

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“Tyson Foods has partnered with Health Strategy for over seven years resulting in millions of dollars saved for our Pharmacy Plan and participants.

With Health Strategy’s expertise, we have developed a unique benefit design and custom formulary driving a best-in-class GDR and improved network, clinical and participant behavior performances. They have filled the knowledge gap for Tyson Foods, and continue to show value through ongoing audits and proactive strategies. Health Strategy’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the pharmacy supply chain makes them cutting edge in the pharmacy consulting marketplace.”

–Tina Foster, Sr. Director, Benefits, Tyson Foods