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You’ll benefit from our proven, four-step process that provides the structure and sequence for our relationship and activities. Plus, you’ll receive customized reports that serve as the capstone of each step.


Health Strategy maintains vigilance to maximize your outcomes. We identify potential issues earlier through regular monitoring. We’ll keep you apprised of changes in the market: new-to-market drugs, emerging loopholes, and ongoing optimization opportunities. Finally, we ensure the PBM is adhering to new contractual obligations and guarantees. Overall, we make sure your investment is delivering the performance and savings you expect.

Get an expert’s opinion when you need it.

When amendments are proposed by your PBM, we can serve as your interpreter and advisor. The amendments can vary from whether or not to cover a new-to-market drug to how to deal with a different pricing structure for a drug. We work to maintain the integrity of your original contract so your savings aren’t diluted significantly over the course of the contract.

Through our regular monitoring, Health Strategy can help you understand how your contract is likely to perform through the rest of the year. This helps you avoid end-of-year surprises. For example, over performance in Q1 would likely result in higher costs in Q2-Q4.


Quarterly Reports, Plan Design Optimization Guidance, Amendment Recommendations, and Financial Reconciliation

Health Strategy will turn the monthly claims data from your PBM into quarterly reports. You can compare actual performance with contractual guarantees to ensure projected performance is living up to expectations. Plus, we’ll help you react in the best way possible to any amendments proposed by your PBM. We’ll advise you on plan design optimization possibilities. We’ll even complete a financial reconciliation at the end of the each year to ensure you’re getting value from your contract.

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“Tyson Foods has partnered with Health Strategy for over seven years resulting in millions of dollars saved for our Pharmacy Plan and participants.

With Health Strategy’s expertise, we have developed a unique benefit design and custom formulary driving a best-in-class GDR and improved network, clinical and participant behavior performances. They have filled the knowledge gap for Tyson Foods, and continue to show value through ongoing audits and proactive strategies. Health Strategy’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the pharmacy supply chain makes them cutting edge in the pharmacy consulting marketplace.”

–Tina Foster, Sr. Director, Benefits, Tyson Foods