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Health Strategy is recognized as the premier Pharmacy Benefit Consulting firm in the industry. Our clients consist of large employers and health plans, and we have an unparalleled track record of reducing costs and providing independent clinical insights to each of them.

We’re Called Health Strategy For A Reason

We want the best performance possible for your pharmacy benefits. Our mission is simple. From the dotted line to the bottom line, we help you create a pharmacy benefits strategy that provides optimum wellness at the most affordable cost.

For Employers


Self-funded employers who work with us typically save 10-20% in the first year of a new contract. Locking in market competitive rates is an important factor, but so is clarifying critical definitions and pricing conditions. The clearer your contract, the more you can avoid costs or find savings.

For Health Plans

Delivering maximum value to the plan while still providing best-in-class care is a tough task. It’s difficult to remain competitive by differentiating your plan while renegotiating with your PBM vendor or managing an open market RFP.

With Health Strategy, you’ll have an expert in your corner, making sure that PBM interests align closely to the plan and the members you serve.

Auditing Services

Ensuring that a pharmacy benefits plan is performing as expected is a fiduciary duty—not just an optional activity.

When the time comes to verify the accuracy of claim payments according to the contractual agreements, turn to Health Strategy for an objective, comprehensive, and accurate review.

Maximize your Pharmacy Benefit Performance

Health Strategy LLC

Get help pushing back against one-sided contracts.

Most contracts are created by and for the benefit of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Health Strategy ensures a better balance of benefits and costs—for your clients and their members. Plus, with our experience, you’ll know when and where it’s most appropriate to keep negotiating—or move on.

Health Strategy LLC

It’s always a good time to explore improvements and savings.

It doesn’t matter if your pharmacy benefits contract is expiring in three months or three years. Health Strategy can help you identify vulnerabilities, forecast drug inflation, quantify your business opportunity, and prepare you for what’s ahead.

Health Strategy LLC

Control the flow
of value

You work hard to squeeze as much value as possible from your pharmacy benefit contract. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to pass it all along to your customers. Health Strategy actuaries and financial analysts have experience managing the complexities of health plan economics, and gross savings are just part of the story. Make sure your bottom line is just as strong as the plans you offer.

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