Consulting Services

You’ll benefit from our proven, four-step process that provides the structure and sequence for our relationship and activities. Plus, you’ll receive customized reports that serve as the capstone of each step.


Our team starts with a comprehensive review of your pharmacy benefits contract and any amendments created since the contract was originally executed. We outline all contract definitions and pricing conditions while looking for vulnerabilities, such as ambiguities that the PBMs could exploit.

See how you measure up.

We assess more than 35 different factors of your pharmacy benefits contract on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being what’s currently achievable in best practice contracts. We then help you see where you stand versus your potential.


Contract Vulnerability Assessment

We’ll give you a Contract Vulnerability Assessment at the end of the Assess step. It includes an executive summary outlining areas of high impact as well as detailed scores for the many factors of your contract. You’ll also receive a high-level set of recommendations customized to your situation and goals.

Download Sample Assessment

“Tyson Foods has partnered with Health Strategy for over seven years resulting in millions of dollars saved for our Pharmacy Plan and participants.

With Health Strategy’s expertise, we have developed a unique benefit design and custom formulary driving a best-in-class GDR and improved network, clinical and participant behavior performances. They have filled the knowledge gap for Tyson Foods, and continue to show value through ongoing audits and proactive strategies. Health Strategy’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the pharmacy supply chain makes them cutting edge in the pharmacy consulting marketplace.”

–Tina Foster, Sr. Director, Benefits, Tyson Foods