Health Strategy is a niche pharmacy benefit consulting firm uniquely agile and responsive to the dynamic interplay between clinical and market spheres.

How We Work

We work in collaboration with our clients to reduce total pharmacy drug spend by diagnosing and eliminating contractual ambiguity and ensuring market-competitive economics. We analyze convoluted contracts, remove industry smokescreens and develop simple, intuitive road maps to navigate the complexities of the pharmacy benefit supply chain. We provide our clients with tailored, comprehensive service plans that create accountability and predictability.

How does Your PBM Contract Compare to the Gold Standard?

Armed with nothing other than your PBM contract, we identify vulnerabilities and benchmark against our best practices to assess overall risk. Many companies are unaware of existing problems in their contracts. Do you know your PBP score?

What is Your Potential Economic Upside?

The data don’t lie. Through advanced analytics and our extensive industry knowledge, we help you understand if your financial guarantees are market-competitive and how vulnerabilities are impacting your drug spend. Regardless of where you are in your contract life cycle, we help you discover savings opportunities.

We are PBM Contract Experts

We work with you to realize savings by emending your contract. Our years of experience negotiating PBM contracts for the largest health plans and Fortune 100 companies in America is proof we are the industry leader in PBM contracting. Whether you choose to stay with your current vendor or run an open market RFP, you will be best positioned with us by your side.

An Insurance Policy with Guaranteed ROI

We ensure that you realize your expected savings and safeguard your investment. Our quarterly performance reporting keeps you informed on potential shortfalls related to contractual obligations and financial guarantees. By interfacing with the PBM to resolve outstanding issues on your behalf, we enable you to focus on what you know best.